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CORPORATE ADDRESS:1528 Telfair St • Dublin, Ga 31021 USA  • Phone: 478-304-1244 Toll Free:888-519-2292  • Fax: 478-304-1254 Toll Free: 888-281-5848
:: Home :: Services :: Our Staff :: Subscribe :: Contact Us :: Privacy Policy 

We provide intensive, family-centered crisis intervention services.  We provide counseling services for troubled teens. Our short-term, home-based services are provided to families in crisis, with the goal of protecting the child, strengthening and preserving the family, and preventing unnecessary out-of-home placement. These services also are used to facilitate reunification of children temporarily in out-of-home care and support permanency following reunification, adoption, or guardianship. We provide Social and Human Services.We provide counseling services to children and their families. Our company is located in Laurens County, Dublin, Georgia. Our company is a licensed Medicaid provider.