CSI Behavioral Company, LLC (CSI), a Georgia for profit provider of Intensive Family Intervention (IFI).  Family Intervention (IFI) is an intensive family- and community-based treatment that addresses multiple determinants of serious antisocial behavior in juvenile offenders. The approach of the intensive family intervention views individuals as being nested within a complex network of interconnected systems that encompass individual, family, peers, school, neighborhood, and indigenous support network. To facilitate change, intervention may be necessary in any one or a combination of these systems.


CSI Behavioral Company, LLC (CSI), works with clients who have academic, high acuity mental health and substance abuse issues. The focus is on co-occurring disorders. All programs are research based and outcome driven and include the Nurturing Parent program.

Services: These services include individual, family and group therapies and other community based mental health services. Our main office is in Dublin, Georgia.

Intensive Family Intervention is a community-based service aimed at preventing out-of home placement and promoting family reunification and stability for children six to twenty years old. Services incclude telephone contacts, in-home visits, school visits/contacts, and other services. Clients have access to a licensed Master's Level Therapist, qualified Mental Health professional, Psychiatrist, and Psychologist as necessary, and 24-hour crisis support


CSI Behavioral Company, LLC (CSI), We are highly committed to working with our community partners to develop whatever services are needed to enable children and their families to develop the strengths and resources they need to thrive in the community in which they live.


Services are funded primarily through Medicaid reimbursement.


The program serves youth 620 years of age with a known or suspected mental health or substance abuse disorder, for whom treatment at a lower level has been attempted (or seriously considered), and who are at risk of out-of-home placement or are currently in out-of-home placement with imminent reunification. To be eligible for the program, youth must reside with at least one competent adult and have a stable family living arrangement.


The majority of referrals come from school and community resources. There is strong collaboration between CSI and the schools, which is fostered in part by frequent contact between program and educational staff. Upon referral to the program, all youth are assessed and  administered the CAFAS/PECFAS. The CAFAS/PECFAS is not only used for eligibility determination but also its more important application as an outcomes tracking measure. We only use the initial CAFAS/PECFAS for determination of eligibility as part of  an assessment process. The subsequent  CAFAS/PECFAS are used for outcome measurement and clinical guidance.

 The intervention provides families with the tools to decrease individual and family risk factors through focused interventions that improve problematic family relations and skill building therapies. The program also provides parenting skills training, tutoring, and anger management classes. Families are typically discharged from the program after 34 months. Planning for discharge begins seven weeks into the program. Aftercare services are available if needed, and program staff makes 3, 6 and 9 month follow-up phone calls with the family using a standardized  outcome protocol to track family functioning.



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